Register HERE for the 2022 - 2023 Tryouts Season! Below are the Age Group Directors for our academy. 

Our Jr. Academy tryouts have been completed however, you may reach out to the age group directors below. 


Sr. Academy Tryout Dates & Times

Fields 1-6 will be used for tryouts. 

Registration between 2 and 3

May 28 / 2PM May 28 / 4PM May 28 / 6PM May 30 / 5:30PM May 30 / 7:30 PM May 31 / 5:30PM May 31 / 7:30PM  June 1 / 5:30PM June 1 / 7:30PM
2008 B 2007 B 05/04 B 2010 B 2008 B 2010 B 2009 B 2010 B 05/04 B
  2006 B   2009 B  2007 B 2006 B 2008 B 2009 B  05/04 G
      2010 G 2008 G 2010 G 2007 B    
      2009 G 2006 G 2009 G 05/04 B    
      2007 G 05/04 G   2008 G    


Interested in joining CRWA?

Map of Camp Jordan

Map of Camp Jordan

2022 - 2023 Program Fees

2022 - 2023 Program Fees


U15 - U19 ECNL 2008 - 2004 $1,765
U15 - U19 2008 - 2004 $1,115
U13 - U14 ECNL 2010 - 2009 $1,940
U13 - U14 2010 - 2009  $1,130 
U11 - U12 2012 - 2011 $890
U9 - U10 2014 - 2013 $815
Pre Academy 2017 - 2015 $195

Club Fee Price Breakdown: 

Pre Academy: $125 + $70 Full Kit (socks, shorts, jersey)

U9-10: $775 Club + $40 Tech Fee

U11-U12: $850 Club + $40 Tech Fee

U13-U14: $1050 Club + $40 Director Fee + $40 Tech Fee

U13-U14 ECNL: $1200 Club + $660 Team Fees + $40 Director Fee + $40 Tech Fee

U15-U19: $1050 Club + $25 Director Fee + $40 Tech Fee

U15-19 ECNL: $1300 Club + $400 Team Fee + $25 Director Fee + $40 Tech Fee


Other fees, aka “team fees”, will be necessary and handled at the team level (NOT included with the above program fees). The exact amount will depend on your team’s game and travel activity. Tournament registration fees, league fees, coach’s travel costs, and other such team-specific fees are the responsibility of the parents of each player on the team and are collected separately by the Team Manager and/or Treasurer. Individual travel expenses will be the responsibility of each family. We will work with the Manager and Treasurer before the start of each season to help them create a  transparent budget specific to each team’s needs. Team fees are not covered by financial aid awarded by the club.

Program fees aka "club fees" are paid on an annual basis upon registration with Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy. These fees cover the cost of professional training. Please note: A merchant transaction fee of 4% + $1 will be added to your total cost through the registration system. 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

In an effort to provide increased opportunities for children and their families to participate in competitive soccer, Chattanooga Red Wolves SC offers financial aid based on a combination of need and merit. If you feel that you or your family would qualify for financial aid, fill out the scholarship application. You can fill out the application on our PlayMetrics registration platform during team offers and connect it to your player contact. Please make sure your applications and documents are turned in to receive a decision. Scholarships may be applied to program fees only. Team fees are the responsibility of each family and are handled at the team level.


2022/2023 Season Requirement: A representative aged 15 or older of each financial aid recipient will be required to volunteer for Chattanooga Red Wolves Pro team home games. The number of games is correlated to the amount of financial aid you receive.  


ECNL Teams

  • 2 - 6 Games 

State League Teams

  • 2 - 4 Games


How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Our new registration platform PlayMetrics gives us access to create a financial aid questionnaire, which can then be seen on your account. If you do not have an account created, you must sign up for tryouts to create one for your players. If you do have an account, simply add or request financial aid and submit once all steps have been completed. All financial aid requests will be reviewed and you will receive a notification to complete your registration. 

How do I find Financial Aid on PlayMetrics? 


  • Side Menu Bar: Select "Club Programs" under Home
  • Select "Financial Aid" tab
  • Select "Request Financial Aid" button
  • Choose the players you want to apply for F.A.


  • Bottom Menu Bar: Select "Programs" next to Home
  • Select Programs down menu, then select "Financial Aid"
  • Select "+" button
  • Choose the players you want to apply for F.A. 



Tryouts FAQ

Tryouts FAQ

22/23 Seasonal Tryouts FAQ

Do I need to register for tryouts?

Yes. All players wanting to be considered for a 22/23 season team need to register HERE.

What if I cannot attend my scheduled tryout date and time? 

You can still register for tryouts if you cannot attend. You will be asked to state a reason for your absence, our administrative director will then contact you to set up a future tryout date and time. 

What happens after I register for tryouts?
The process is as follows: register for tryouts ---> attend tryouts ---> team offers sent ---> Accept team offer & complete club registration.

Should players arrive early on the first night of tryouts to check in?
Yes. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early on your first night. You will check in at the designated table where you will be given a tryout shirt with a number. All players should then proceed directly to their assigned field. 

Are players required to attend all nights of tryouts?
Players are required to attend at least 1 night for their specific age group. Coaches will reach out to players they believe would be best suited for an older age group. Players are recommended to attend at least two (2) tryout dates, the longer in front of an evaluating coach, the better! 

While tryouts are taking place, where are parents/guardians allowed to wait and observe?
Parents & guardians may wait and observe from the grassy area in front of fields 5 & 6 (closest to the parking lot) OR at the pavilion next to the bathrooms. Our intention is to allow all players and coaches a respectful distance so they may focus and avoid unnecessary distractions.

What should a player bring to tryouts?

Please bring appropriate equipment (shin guards, ball) and water. Hand sanitizer is another helpful item to have.

When will players know if they made a team?

Our intention is to have completed all team offers by TBD for U12 & younger and TBD for U13 & older. If you have not received a decision by TBD or TBD, please email Be sure to include the player's first and last name and DOB.

How will a player receive a team offer/decision?
Players will receive their offer/decision via email through the PlayMetrics registration system. Please be sure to check your email spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox. 

Once a player receives a team offer, how long will they have to accept or decline it?
Players will have 24 hours to accept with completed registration or decline. 

How do I apply for financial aid? After receiving a team offer, you have the opportunity to submit a financial aid request and complete the team offer application on PlayMetrics. You will receive a notification of the financial aid amount awarded once all submissions have been reviewed. 

I attended tryouts, received an offer, and accepted and registered with CRWA. What now?

Congratulations & welcome to the PACK! Throughout the months of June & July, you will be receiving information regarding your team, uniform ordering instructions, and an invitation to join PlayMetrics (our registration, communication, and scheduling system).