Adding Additional contacts to your PlayMetrics account

Adding additional contacts to your account (Player/Parents only)

If you are the Primary Contact for a Player, you control who has access to your Player’s information, such as friends and family members. From your account, you can grant and revoke access to new users. Granting access to a new account allows the account holder to:

  • See the Player's game, practice, and event calendar
  • View player evaluations
  • Send and receive communications through PlayMetrics
  • Edit their own communication settings
  • Change Player information, such as birth date, jersey number, and photo
  • Set Player attendance for upcoming games, practices, and other events

The new account holder will not be able to invite new contacts. Only you (the Primary account holder) can invite new contacts. 

To set access, click “Contact Info” in the left hand menu.




In this example, the primary user has two players in the club (Candace and Luke). Click the “Add Contact” button to grant a family member or friend access.




This will bring up a dialog box. Simply complete the information and select the Players for whom you want to grant access.




Once you invite the contact, an invitation email will be sent to the new user. Upon registration, the new user will have access to the selected Player's information.