Junior Academy


U9 - U12 Program


It's a great time to be a young player and part of Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy (CRWA). With the excitement of professional soccer finally in our city, new training facilities and a soccer specific stadium being built, these advancements will increase the opportunities given to those in our club. The younger you are the more you get to use and be a part of what is coming.


7v7 & 9v9 age groups give CRWA players their first experience playing competitive soccer. The nature in which they train and play games will allow players from Chattanooga & neighboring areas to enhance the developmental process and increase the level of soccer. It is important for all to recognize that 7v7 & 9v9 age group training will be heavily focused on the technical aspect of the game, in particular ball mastery and technique with both feet.


CRWA believes in providing the best resources and quality of training to all age groups within our club. Our U9 - U12 programs will have licensed, experienced coaches dedicated to all teams. At the 7v7 & 9v9 levels we will provide the foundation for our players to be able to compete competitively within the state and to transition seamlessly into 11v11 regional and national play.

Training Structure:


Session 1

Format: Small sided activities (1v1, 3v3, 5v5)

Focus: technical development with implementation in game like situations

Led by: Team Head Coach

Session 2

Format: Circuit (to allow players to learn from a variety of coaches)

Focus: Technical development. Physical component with SAQ, injury prevention, rehabilitation/recovery, and preparation

Led by: Variety of coaches within age group and Red Wolves professional players

Session 3

Format: Traditional team training

Focus: Team tactical principles, appropriate for age and level of team

Led by: Team Head Coach

Selection, Methodology, Expectations:


Selection Process:

Tryout success; Player effort and focus; Identification from Rec Partners;  Identification from Pre Academy (u7-u8)

Age group Methodology:

Competitive and inclusive trainng sessions; Top level coaching; Parent inclusion/cohesiveness; Trust in process and philosophy

Individual player


Commitment, focus, determination; More play (more touches) and repetitions to goal; Vertical integration (opportunity to move up); Coachability of player AND parent

U9-u10 expectations:

Full commitment: 2 mandated practices; 1 additional (pro circuit night) strongly recommended; Attendance at all home and away games 



Full commitment: 3 mandated practices; Attendance at all home and away games