In an effort to provide increased opportunities for children and their families to participate in competitive soccer, Chattanooga Red Wolves SC offers financial aid based on a combination of need and merit. If you feel that you or your family would qualify for financial aid, fill out the scholarship application. You can fill out the application on our PlayMetrics registration platform during team offers and connect it to your player contact. Please make sure your applications and documents are turned in to receive a decision. Scholarships may be applied to program fees only. Team fees are the responsibility of each family and are handled at the team level.


2022/2023 Season Requirement: A representative aged 15 or older of each financial aid recipient will be required to volunteer for Chattanooga Red Wolves Pro team home games. The number of games is correlated to the amount of financial aid you receive.  


ECNL Teams

  • 2 - 6 Games

State League Teams

  • 2 - 4 Games

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Our new registration platform PlayMetrics gives us access to create a financial aid questionnaire, which can then be seen on your account. If you do not have an account created, you must sign up for tryouts to create one for your players. If you do have an account, simply add or request financial aid and submit once all steps have been completed. All financial aid requests will be reviewed and you will receive a notification to complete your registration. 

How do I find Financial Aid on PlayMetrics? 


  • Side Menu Bar: Select "Club Programs" under Home
  • Select "Financial Aid" tab
  • Select "Request Financial Aid" button
  • Choose the players you want to apply for F.A.


  • Bottom Menu Bar: Select "Programs" next to Home
  • Select Programs down menu, then select "Financial Aid"
  • Select "+" button
  • Choose the players you want to apply for F.A.