Junior Development League (JDL)

Junior Development League (JDL)

What is the Junior Development League (JDL)?

The Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) created the Juniors Developmental League (JDL) in 2019. The purpose of the JDL is to offer a developmental league where our coaches are able to work together within the guidelines of the USSF Player Developmental Initiatives (PDI’s). The JDL serves as an introductory league to prepare our players and teams for the Tennessee State League at ages 12U-19U.

The JDL is meant to create games for teams within each district, but sometimes teams may have to travel due to a lack of teams in a specific area. The JDL is typically split into levels of Most Competitive, Competitive, and Least Competitive. Coaches in every age group are asked to work together to solve problems of imbalance that occur during games. Rather than running up scores, the goal is to find a mutually agreeable solution. Coaches may add/subtract players, move to build out lines up/back, or seek a mutually agreeable solution to the imbalance.

What is the JDL Mission? 

The mission of the JDL is to provide and serve our membership by providing the safest and best environment for our players with feedback and assisted leadership from our member clubs and their leadership.