Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy Objectives


SPORT: First and foremost to educate athletes and encourage a lifelong love for sports, moreover young soccer players, who will in accordance to their talent, master all of the concepts and demands in our Development Curriculum to ensure that they meet their maximum potential as a senior soccer player, and also continuously develop their passion for soccer.


PEDAGOGICAL: To educate healthy athletes with clear life and sport-related goals: to be physically active, to be conscientious, and to be open to new experiences, all traits that prepare athletes for life after an active career.


SOCIOLOGICAL: To develop athletes who will fit into sports and social environments; acknowledgment of the usefulness of daily exercise as one of the basic conditions for better quality of life.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Through a systematic approach, develop a passion towards soccer in the individual athlete and team, to encourage positive psychological characteristics (responsibility, dedication, diligence, etc.), and to help athletes develop and perform to their potential in competitions.


HEALTH: To adopt good hygienic habits and care for normal psychophysical development; the impact of physical activity not only to improve and maintain one’s health, but also to develop physical qualities and abilities.


PROMOTION: To train future soccer fans and people, who will through various kinds of social activities, help their clubs in accordance to their abilities and desires.